Die gesamte Elektrotechnik aus einer Hand


Elektro Kramwinkel – complete electrical engineering services

All over the world, the "Made in Germany" label is recognised as a guarantee of the highest quality. And the words "Quality made by Kramwinkel" have come to be associated with the highest standards in electrical engineering far beyond the company's base in Gladbeck, Germany.

To maintain our high quality standards, we offer complete electrical engineering solutions from a single source. You benefit from coordinated solutions with fully compatible components designed to work together.

Our team of around 30 employees works day in, day out to allow our customers to experience "Quality made by Kramwinkel" – whether in customer service, electrical installations on construction sites, value-adding installations in innovative industries, street lighting, traffic light maintenance or traffic engineering.

By choosing Elektro Kramwinkel, you gain safety and peace of mind.


Our business is based on four solid pillars:

  • Installation, maintenance and operation of street and path lighting for local authorities, energy suppliers, industry and commercial customers
  • Installation, maintenance and operation of traffic light systems, illuminated road signs, traffic management systems
Signalling Systems
  • All types of electrical installation for family homes and property developments, public institutions, commercial and industrial operations
  • Lighting design
  • Telephone systems and communication technology
  • Network systems
  • Satellite and multimedia technology
  • Power engineering
  • Air conditioning
  • Home automation
  • Safety engineering
  • Medical engineering
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